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Roof Installation Klein, TX


CM Roofing Pros serves the people of Klein, TX with an endless list of roofing solutions. If you are looking for the right team to install a new roof on your home, call us today at 713-298-6267 for a flawless roof installation! With our craftsmen putting on your new roof, you won’t need to worry about the ill effects of poor craftsmanship!

Free Roof Inspections

With CM Roofing Pros, you can receive no cost roof inspections from a team that has been there before! We have sorted out a wide range of roofing solutions and continue to deliver for the people of Texas! We’ve seen it all before and our guys are confident that they can find the optimal solution for your roof!

Repairs & Restoration


We hate to see people lose valuable years of affordable protection by replacing their roofs earlier than necessary. A lot of people are surprised when we tell them that we can fix up their existing roof so that they can postpone the need for a replacement! After we have a look at your roof, we can let you know if we think there is a path to repairing or restoring your roof effectively.

Timely Services

A lot of times when a roof needs a service, it needs it quickly. This is another reason to choose CM Roofing Pros because we get out to clients shortly after they call! We can offer a detailed estimate often within a 24-hour window!

Roofs That Last

The crew at CM Roofing Pros does residential roofing the right way! We provide individualized attention to each client and always put the same care into each roof as we would our own! Our goal is to help the roofs of our clients last years longer! We use top quality materials, and our craftsmen have years of experience installing residential roofs!

Call Us Today!

Getting a new roof is a simple and affordable process with the proven team at CM Roofing Pros! We are always looking out for our clients and do whatever we can to help them save on their roofs. If you want your new roof to last, reach out to us at 713-298-6267 for a roof installation!

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