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We take the headache out of roof repairs

Damaged roofs can result in water penetrating the interior of your home causing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in damage. Postponing repairs can turn minor leaks into major issues. If your roof is currently leaking or you see leak stains on your ceiling, have it inspected as soon as possible. Our prompt service will have your leak fixed quickly and professionally.

CM Roofing Pros has a long history of providing high quality repairs both for residential and commercial properties in the greater Houston area. Our focus is on providing high quality warranty backed repairs at affordable prices. Our customers appreciate our no pressure sales philosophy and friendly service. If you are in need of repairs, give us a call or text us today at 713-298-6267.

Getting a repair estimate is fast and easy

Let us know a good time that works with your schedule for the inspection. The average inspection from start to finish takes around 30-45 minutes.

On site inspection

Our estimator will perform a detailed inspection of your roof to pinpoint current damage or areas that may be of future concern. The estimator will provide you photo documentation of the inspection so you know exactly what we are seeing.

Receive estimate

You’ll receive a detailed estimate of recommended repairs and associated costs. Our no pressure sales philosophy means no sales pitch, but we’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the estimate and our repair process.

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Our commitment is to our customers

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