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New Roof – Katy, TX


Protect what matters most, seems like a pretty simple concept right? The roof of your home plays a vital role in the protection of your family and the items inside and if it can’t get the job done without question, it’s likely causing stress that can be avoided! At CM Roofing Pros, we work to keep our customers throughout Katy, TX and the surrounding areas protected with the confidence they deserve, and as a full-service roofing contractor, we’re here to complete any roofing service you might need. Be it a leak that needs found and resolved, a simple repair, or a brand-new roof installation, we’ve got you covered when you put your home and roof in our hands. Even a new roof installation will be kept hassle free when you have CM Roofing Pros working for you, give our team a call today at (713) 298 – 6267 and know your roof will be a trusted one once again!

Flawless Installation


Most residential roofing systems were designed to last for decades, but it’s not without the proper care along the way. The longevity and success of your home’s roof actually starts with the installation, if any mistakes, even ones that seem minute, are made during the installation, you could be dealing with a failing roof far sooner than necessary. This will never be a concern when you hire the professionals at CM Roofing Pros. While we work quicky and diligently, we also never rush a project because we know that’s when mistakes are made. Our roofing professionals are committed to delivering only the finest service around and any work we do on your home’s roof will be fit to last so you can remain confident in the protection it provides.

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While having a new roof installed on your home is a major investment and service, it’s one you can rest easy about when you have CM Roofing Pros doing the work. Once we’ve installed your new roof in Katy, TX, we’ll let you know the best, cost-effective ways to help keep it in prime condition throughout its’ long life. Don’t fret a roof in need when you have CM Roofing Pros ready to assist! Reach out today at (713) 298 – 6267.

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