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Solar Powered Ventilation

The Benefits of Solar Vents

  • Lower Cooling Costs
  • Insulation Works Better
  • HVAC System Performs More Efficiently
  • Shingles Last Longer
  • Removes Moisture & Humidity Build Up
  • Works Hardest When You Need It The Most

Facts about the Solar Vents We Install:

  • All our vents come with a lifetime warranty for the homeowner at no additional cost! That gives the homeowner peace of mind that their investment wasn’t wasted.
  • We as the contractor know that we’re working with a company that builds a quality product and will stand behind it. They’re located in Texas and manufacture all their vents here
  • A cooler attic helps a roof last longer and can help with any mechanical systems located in the attic. Attics can reach temperatures of 140 degrees, These Solar Vents start working when the temperature reaches 75 degrees and provide 10 to 15 air exchanges per hour
  • Since they’re solar we do not need an electrician to install
  • They’re nothing like the cheap overseas built products in big box stores, they’ll offer a 5 to 10 year warranty and once they quit working, and they will quit, the homeowner is left with just another passive vent
  • Our Solar Vents are available in Roofing Supply houses across the country and can be drop shipped to your location
  • Federal government still giving a 26% tax credit for material and labor on all installs

The Ideal Ventilation Solution

  As the sun relentlessly beats down on your home throughout the day, heat can quickly build up in your attic from trapped hot attic air and inadequate ventilation. This excessive attic heat directly impacts both your electric bills and the performance of the HVAC equipment that cools your home. Solar attic fans offer the ideal solution to this problem by using the same energy from the sun to continuously ventilate trapped hot air and cool your attic. The result is a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool.

I was referred to CM Roofing Pro’s about a project, I contacted Rick about the issue via text, sent some pictures and he came out quickly and did a great job. Their response was prompt & they have wonderful customer service. We were very satisfied with the end result. I will definitely refer them to others, and I give them a 5 Star rating.

George Oggero

I had them repair the water damage in my home From the extreme weather Houston had in February. I’ve never worked with a construction company that was so professional and honest. You can trust them and I never thought I would find a Contractor that you can trust without any question. Truly the best

Lila Soussan

Rick and his team are very professional and very knowledgeable. They were very patient while answering all my questions and very easy to talk to. They updated me every step of the way and they worked very quickly and professionally. I recommend CM Roofing PROS 100%.

Maria Azar