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If you’re replacing your roof, it’s important to know what sets a good roof installation apart from a poor one. Here are some things to watch for that may indicate a roofer’s work should be avoided.

Sagging Roofline
A sagging roofline is a sure sign of poor roof installation. Dips or curves in the roofline typically mean there’s an underlying issue with the underlying framing. A quality roofing company will inspect the sheathing and roof supports to ensure it’s in good condition and uniform rather than installing new materials over a poor support system.

Missing Drip Edge
Drip edge is metal flashing that goes between the shingles and underlayment on all the roof edges. A shoddy contractor will avoid using drip edge to save time and labor. However, a missing drip edge means the roof is far more susceptible to water damage.

Misaligned Materials
A poor roofer will often overlook alignment issues. This could be shingles that aren’t perfectly uniform, inappropriate nail spacing and patterns, poor work around vents and chimneys, and the absence of starter shingles around the edges. All these problems not only make the roof look unsightly, but they can result in leaks as well.

No Underlayment
Finally, a good contractor will use underlayment to further protect the roof from moisture damage. If the ice and water shield underlayment is missing in valleys and along eaves, it often means you’ll have problems with leaks.

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