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Are you looking for tips on how to get your roof ready for winter? Just like many other home maintenance tasks, it’s mainly about prevention and cleaning.

First, it’s important to clear off pine needles, leaves and other debris from your roof. Although it may seem like a good shortcut, don’t use a blower—that will damage your asphalt shingles. Clearing away debris that accumulates on your roof prevents ice dams. Ice dams are spectacular but dangerous icicles that can form on the edge of the roof, damaging gutters, leading to leaks, and potentially causing injury to pets or people.

Second, remove debris from the gutters using a specialized tool or scooping them out with a gardening trial. Wear thick gloves to prevent cutting yourself on the edge of the gutter.

Third, prune back tree limbs that overhang or come within close contact of your home. This can preserve not only your roof but the siding as well. Perform this maintenance step to prevent storm damage that can lead to costly roofing repairs, leaks and other problems.

Fourth, if you have put off maintenance on your roof, now is the time to take care of it. Last year, winter storm Uri deposited tons of ice on Houston area roofs. Under the weight of the ice sitting in the valleys, many roofs began to leak. If your home was affected by Uri or other weather events, take the opportunity to fix the damage before another winter storm further damages your home.

CM Roofing Pros can perform roof repairs. inspections and other services to help you prep your roof for the winter.