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Severe weather can wreak havoc on your roof, and wind is one of the main culprits when it comes to roof damage from storms. It’s important to know how wind affects your roof so that you can identify it and have it repaired properly.

Effects of Wind
Severe winds can cause obvious and extreme damage like driving limbs or other large pieces of debris into the roof or blowing off large chunks of the roof. However, even moderate-speed winds can cause damage that results in a leaky roof. Wind can break shingles or cause them to lift, which damages the seal and allows moisture to penetrate the decking and attic. Gutters and flashing can also be damaged and result in water penetration.

Identifying Damage
It’s important to inspect your roof following a storm. Check for damaged or missing shingles and issues with the flashing and chimney. You can also check for moisture in the attic to determine if wind damage has caused leaks. A roofing company should be consulted for a more thorough inspection to identify areas of damage that an initial visual inspection may overlook.

What to Do Next
If you see signs of damage, be sure to contact professionals right away. Procrastinating an inspection and repairs allows the roof damage to worsen and can also result in additional moisture issues inside your home like mold.

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