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Is your roof looking a little worse for wear? At a certain point it becomes wiser to replace a roof than to repair it. If that time has come, you may be wondering what the best time is to replace your roof in Houston. The short answer is winter; here is why.

First off, winter temperatures often mean that roofers are not as busy as the summer months, which means that they probably have greater availability and will potentially offer you a lower price.

Second, it is easier to get supplies during the winter months since fewer homeowners are actively seeking out roofing jobs. In the summer, the competition increases, and you may have to deal with a supply-related delay.

Third, roofing crews have a lot more options of when they can work during the winter months, which means that you can potentially have a crew come to your home later in the day instead of waking you up at 6 A.M. In the summer, crews have to start early, but they can work longer and at more reasonable times in the winter.

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