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Whether you are working with holiday lights or cleaning gutters to prevent ice dams, it’s important to use your ladder safely. You need a sturdy ladder and safety mindset to get the job done.

Using a Ladder To Hang or Remove Your Lights

Let’s start with hanging or taking down festive lights for the holidays or special events. Wear slip-resistant shoes, avoid sudden movements, climb slowly and ensure that you have a stable surface to place the ladder on.

Use fasteners rather than screws or nails to avoid damaging your roof or gutter and to help prevent puncturing the cord. This can increase the useful life of your lights and prevent electrocution.

Using a Ladder To Clean Your Gutters

Let’s start with the dos. Set up the extension ladder at a safe angle, one that’s not too steep to climb or descend. Most ladders come with a safety mark to help you achieve this task. You’ll need a ladder paint tray where you can store your tools for cleaning gutters or hanging lights for that matter. Take breaks every 30 seconds to avoid fatigue which can lead to injury or property damage.

Now, here are a few things to avoid. When using a ladder to clean your gutters, avoid overreaching. This is one of the main reasons for falls and injuries on a ladder. Keep the button of your jeans between the ladder stiles as a rule of thumb. Don’t use a short ladder: at least three rungs should extend about the gutters.

If you need to clean, repair, or replace your gutter system, call CM Roofing Pros.