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There are a few things that you never want to see on your roof, and a big gaping puncture is one of them. A roof puncture is usually described as a gaping hole that tears through your roofing. You know it’s a bad sign when you see sunlight, and you haven’t left your house.

Several things can cause a roof puncture, including storm damage (which is a high possibility during hurricane season in Houston), foot traffic (one more reason to stay off your roof), and roof installations like an HVAC ventilation system installation. Believe it or not, even animals can sometimes chew at parts of the roof membrane and then accidentally breakthrough.

Some of these causes can be prevented, and some cannot, but the bottom line is that you need to fix your roof promptly if you can identify a puncture. Think of the hole in your roof like a screenless window in your home; everything from warm air to giant bugs and possibly even larger vermin can slip on into your home.

This is not a DIY job because if you don’t know how to approach the puncture, you could potentially drop through and make it even worse (and also injure yourself). When a roof puncture is suspected, it is always a job for a professional roofer who can inspect the roof membrane, supports, shingles, etc., and decide how to proceed correctly.

If you are dealing with a roof puncture in Houston, contact CM Roofing Pros today for immediate help. Our team is experienced and ready to restore your roof’s structural integrity.