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Storms can wreak havoc on your roof, but it can be hard to know just how much damage your roof has sustained without calling a professional. Here’s why a roofing company should inspect your roof after a storm, regardless of the storm’s severity.

Identify All Damage
While some storm damage, like missing sections or loose shingles may be easy to spot, some damage is less obvious but still problematic. Bruised, chipped, or cracked shingles are common after hail and can be difficult to see from the ground. In addition, the flashing and soffit should be examined for wind damage and any leaks should be identified early.

Submit Accurate Insurance Claim
If an insurance claim is necessary, you’ll need a professional inspection to make sure repairs are covered appropriately. An insurance adjuster may not recognize damage that a seasoned roofing contractor will see, so it’s important to have documentation of needed repairs and an estimate to know what repairs you need and how much they will cost.

Prevent Additional Damage
Failing to identify and repair damage can be costly in the future. You’re likely to sustain major water damage and mold issues if problems aren’t identified. Unseen leaks generally worsen over time and result in more expensive repairs down the road. Even minor hail or wind can cause small leaks that could result in major damage.

Be sure to call CM Roofing Pros as soon as possible after a storm. We’ll identify and provide the repairs your roof requires.