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Most homeowners know the importance of checking the roof shingles periodically to watch for damage or wear. But roof ventilation plays a large role in the health of your roof and ensuring longevity. Here are some things to consider about proper roof ventilation.

What Ventilation Means
Good roof ventilation means air can circulate properly to ensure heat is released and moisture can’t build up in the attic. This is achieved using a series of intake and exhaust vents to keep the air at a consistent temperature.

Avoiding Problems
Proper roof ventilation is vital in preventing issues with your roof. Some problems associated with poor ventilation include mold and mildew in the attic, cold and hot spots in the home, leaks caused by the formation of ice dams, rusting metal components, and premature wear of shingles and roof decking.

Signs of Issues
Signs that your roof is suffering from ventilation problems include ice dams and uneven temperature. But you may also notice pest problems from damaged ventilation and roofing components. Excess moisture in the attic and home is a common sign of ventilation problems.

Addressing Poor Ventilation
Roofing companies address ventilation problems by inspecting the current ventilation system and making necessary repairs. You may need to have intake and exhaust vents added using natural or mechanical methods that include ridge or box vents, wind turbines, or power attic ventilators.

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