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CertainTeed shingle options are one of the most popular and durable shingle options installed by roofing professionals. Here are some benefits of different CertainTeed shingle options to help you choose what’s right for your home.

Three-tab Shingles
Three-tab shingles, also called strip shingles, are the most basic type of shingle. They’re single layer and lightweight, and available in numerous colors. Although they’re not the most durable option of CertainTeed shingles, they typically last about 25 years, and are the most affordable option.

Architectural Shingles
Architectural or dimensional shingles have more visual interest than strip shingles. They have two or more layers, which makes them heavier in weight and provides more dimension to the roof. These shingles have a better warranty than three-tab shingles and are more durable as well.

Premium Shingles
Premium or luxury shingles from CertainTeed are manufactured to look like other roofing materials, such as wood shakes or natural slate. They’re extremely impact resistant and durable because of their triple-laminated layers.

CertainTeed Benefits
Each type of CertainTeed shingle has benefits related to appearance and longevity. It’s important to note that all CertainTeed shingles are heavier than other brands, making them more durable. CertainTeed offers excellent warranties and extended warranties, making them one of the most popular shingle brands in the country.

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