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Trees around your home are great for beautifying your yard and keeping it cool and shady. However, trees can also damage your roof without proper care. Here’s how to avoid roof damage from trees.

Remove Sick Trees
Make sure you watch for signs of a sick tree, because sick trees are weak and more likely to break or fall on your home. An arborist can help you know for sure when a tree is dying, but in general leafless branches, wilted leaves, and discoloration mean a tree is dying.

Trim Regularly
Prune or trim trees regularly to keep branches as far from the roof as possible. Branches shouldn’t be touching your roof or hanging over it. Not only does this prevent the branches from rubbing against the roof and wearing it down, but it will also help keep pests away from the roof and out of your home.

Clean Up Debris
After storms, clean up debris on the roof and out of the gutters. Excess debris provides nesting materials for pests, accelerates granule loss of the shingles, and retains moisture. All of this will weaken your roof over time.

Place Trees Appropriately
If you’re contemplating planting a new tree, be sure to plant it 15-20 feet away from your home, depending on how large the tree is expected to grow. This allows you to enjoy shade from the tree without the concerns for your roof.

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