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The shingles on your roof can be damaged by high winds, hail, and debris. If you notice broken shingles on your roof, it’s important to address the problem quickly.

Call the Professionals
The first thing you should do when you notice damaged shingles is to call roofing professionals. This is important because the full extent of damage isn’t always visible at first glance. A roofer will not only be able to see how many shingles are damaged and how badly, but they’ll also be able to ascertain if any other roofing components were compromised. Identifying damage early on can help avoid problems down the road.

Consider Repairs
Depending on the assessment of the professionals, you may be able to do repairs to address broken shingles. If the damage isn’t widespread and your roof isn’t too old, the shingles can often be replaced. Sealant may need to be applied in cracks to prevent leaking. If underlying layers are damaged as well, the roofer may be able to repair those areas as well.

Assess the Need for Replacement
In some cases the damage may be too widespread to be remedied with repairs. You may need to replace the roof, especially if it’s more than 10-15 years old. Replacement might also be necessary if the damage has been there for a long period of time, since leakage and water damage is more likely when shingles are broken.

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