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While most people like the idea of installing a new roof, no one likes waking up at 6 A.M. to the sound of nails and hammers over their head. The first question that comes to mind is, how long will this take? However, the answer can be a bit more complicated because several factors influence how long it takes to replace a roof.

First off, you should expect it to take about three to five days to replace the average roof, but several factors can extend this timeframe to as much as three weeks.

Weather is one of the most significant factors in roofing. When there is any snow, rain, hail, lightning, or precipitation, roofing cannot be done. So the weather can delay a roof replacement extensively at times.

Other contributing factors can be the size of a home, the accessibility of the roof, availability of materials, and the complexity of the roof to be replaced. The amount of existing damage will heavily influence the time needed to complete the repair.

For most people, however, a roof replacement will take three to five days so that you can rest easy, and the sound of pounding nails shouldn’t be too annoying.
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