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Severe weather can damage your roof, and often the damage is difficult to see without professional help. If you understand how the weather can damage your roof, you will know when to have it inspected—and when it needs to be repaired.

Wind Damage
High winds can cause significant damage to your roof, especially when tree branches break holes in the roof or lift portions of the roof entirely. Less obvious wind damage includes shingles that have blown completely off the roof, as well as loose shingles that flap in the wind. Loose shingles need to be repaired because they indicate a broken seal that will allow water to penetrate.

Hail Damage
Hail damage can also damage your roof, regardless of the size of the hail. Hail can cause obvious dents, cracks, and dark spots (bruises) that affect the underlying layers of the roof. Even small hailstones can cause damage by knocking off the granules on the shingles which reduces UV resistance. A roofer can determine the extent of the damage to see if repairs or replacement would be the best option.

Water Damage
Finally, heavy rains can cause water damage. Check the attic for condensation and visible leaks and be sure to contact a roofer if you notice stains on the ceiling or walls. Water damage is often more evident after a storm, although it’s often due to a long-standing leak.

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