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Your roof plays a large role in protecting your home and keeping you comfortable as well. Proper roof ventilation is vital for keeping your roof in good condition, so here’s what you need to know.

What Is Roof Ventilation?
Roof ventilation means that the air can circulate in and around the roof and attic so that hot air and moisture are moved out of the area. A combination of intake and exhaust vents allow the air to move in the attic so that heat and moisture don’t build up.

Why Does Ventilation Matter?
Reducing moisture and heat buildup in the attic is important for a few reasons. Condensation can cause mold in the attic as well as damage to shingles and underlying roofing layers. Excess moisture in the attic can result in ice dams in freezing weather. Poor ventilation also causes heating and cooling costs to rise.

What Are Ventilation Options?
Roofing companies offer numerous options for ventilation, which depend on your roof’s design. Static exhaust vents like ridge vents, box vents, and soffit vents are often used in combination to provide effective ventilation. There are also powered options from solar or wind energy that use fans to circulate or expel air.

If you suspect your roof has poor ventilation, CM Roofing Pros can help improve ventilation to protect your roof and keep your home comfortable.