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April 2021

Shingle Replacement – Katy, TX

Have you been noticing worn shingles on a portion of your home’s roof? CM Roofing Pros delivers outstanding roofing services for homeowners throughout Katy, TX and the surrounding areas and we specialize in the repair and replacement of shingles and many other roofing systems. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t know shingles can actually be repaired and replaced at times to help you get a few more years of life from your current roof. While not all shingled roofs are worth restoring, it’s worth a call to the team at CM Roofing Pros to find out if yours is! We offer free roof inspections to homeowners across the area because we believe it shouldn’t break the bank to know the condition of your home’s roof. Call our team today at (713) 298 – 6267. No More Headaches Don’t let constant roofing headaches be a concern for you any longer. CM Roofing Pros proudly delivers high quality roof repairs and services at affordable prices and we work to always keep the headaches out of your home’s roofing requirements. If you’ve had a problem area on your roof, there’s a good chance our roofing professionals can get it resolved without the hassle and cost of a complete roof replacement! Our honest roofers work hard to help you get a long, successful life from your home’s roof and we’ll always work to repair and restore it anytime we can. Honest Solutions Anytime you put your roof in our hands, you can rest easy knowing our roofers will only recommend the services your roof truly requires. Sometimes, this unfortunately means a roof replacement may be involved. While we strive to help you get the most from your roof, we also understand most things must come to an end and roofs aren’t something that can last forever. If it no longer makes sense to invest in your home’s roof, we’ll let you know your dependable replacement options. Reach Out Today If you believe your home and roof could benefit from a shingle replacement, trust in the roofing professionals at CM Roofing Pros to get things done without issues from start to finish. A free roof inspection with our team in Katy, TX is just a phone call away, reach out at (713) 298 – 6267 and we’ll schedule a time that works well for you!

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Roof Insurance Claim – Katy, TX

Detailed and Organized Inspections Routine roof inspections are a great way to keep your roof in check and ensure any impending storms will have less of a chance to cause devastation to your roof and home. We know the true value this incredible service has to offer and we’re happy to provide this service at no cost to our customers. Whether you want to schedule an inspection so you can rest easy knowing your roof is ready for anything, or if you believe your roof is due for service, you will receive a thorough inspection that will leave no issue unfound. Call Today A damaged roof often leads to a roof insurance claim and you can trust the professionals at CM Roofing Pros to handle all of the above for you! Our expert roofers are prepared to repair your roof from any damage that’s occurred and when it’s complete, we’ll even work with you to ensure you have everything you need for your claim to be filed properly. We’re here to help our neighbors in Katy, TX stay worry free about their home’s roof, call us today at (713) 298 – 6267.

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New Roof – Cinco Ranch, TX

When you need a new roof installed on your home, just like any roofing service you have completed, this is one better left to the true roofing professionals. The installation of your home’s roof directly affects the longevity and success it can have and with such a large investment and something that was designed to last for decades, it only makes sense to get it started off right. CM Roofing Pros continues to deliver flawless roof installations for homeowners throughout Cinco Ranch, TX and the surrounding areas. Keep your roof in the finest hands around and call CM Roofing Pros today at (713) 298 – 6267. Your Local Experts Here at CM Roofing Pros, we’re proud to have your local roofing experts that know what it takes to help your roof succeed in our climate and we know this begins with a proper installation. Your new roof is a costly investment and it’s one that not only adds aesthetic appeal to your home, but it keeps what matters most in your life protected. We have financing options available to ensure you can keep your home and family protected with a reliable roof at all times. Full-Service Because we’re a full-service roofing contractor, you can trust in our team to get your home’s roof any repairs or services it requires throughout its long life. From leak detection to re-roofs and replacements, we come equipped to handle all your home’s roofing needs with ease. With professionally trained roofing technicians, you, your roof, and your home are in great hands when you choose to work with the crew at CM Roofing Pros for anything your home might need! Reach Out Today Don’t fear the need for a new roof on your home. For those in the Cinco Ranch, TX area, CM Roofing Pros offers a fresh start with a new, dependable investment and our roofers will make sure things are handled perfectly from start to finish. If you’re not sure of the condition of your home’s roof, reach out today at (713) 298 – 6267 and make sure your roof is ready ahead of the summer storms! Powered byWordPress live chat support

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Emergency Roofer – Katy, TX

When you need an emergency roofer, there’s likely no time to research the team you hire. CM Roofing Pros has been delivering first class roofing solutions to homeowners throughout the Katy, TX area for years and we’re proud to be the roofer our neighbors rely on in their time of need, whether it’s routine or emergency. Keep our number on hand so you can know you have trusted professionals ready to get your roof’s needs resolved anytime of day or night. With 24/7 roofing services available, you can be sure any issues on your roof will soon be contained and resolved. Reach out to us anytime you need professional roofing assistance, just contact us at (713) 298 – 6267. Lasting Solutions It doesn’t matter if you’re calling on us in the middle of the night or on Christmas Eve, we will always deliver the same, lasting roofing solutions, no matter the time. We know your home’s roof protects what matters most in your life and anytime it’s unable to do so without question, stress can be involved. We work to keep our customers worry free, even when they have a roof in need. We always deliver impeccable workmanship that when put together with our top-rated roofing materials will leave you with a roof atop your home that’s once again destined for long-term success. Honest and Reliable Anytime you put your home’s roof in our hands, you can rest easy knowing we’ll get it what it needs to last. After a free and thorough inspection, our knowledgeable roofers will let you know what the best course of action is, and we’ll be happy to get started on any necessary repairs or services right away. Don’t waste money on unnecessary roofing services, CM Roofing Pros will keep your roof in shape, and we’ll work to keep your costs affordable along the way. Call Us Today The need for an emergency roofer can often be stressful as it means you likely have a compromised roof atop your home. For homeowners in the Katy, TX area, CM Roofing Pros is proud to be the 24/7 emergency roofer you can always rely on. No matter what time you call on us, we’ll be ready to deliver only the finest roofing services that will help your roof be restored in no time. Call us today at (713) 298 – 6267.

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